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Peace is scarce in the country of Aslande, which has been at war with the neighbouring country of Eressia for centuries. To Rhea, however, war is a distant concept; something she has heard about but never witnessed. Born in a small, secluded village, Rhea occupies her life with more mundane concerns: her job at the local hospital, her playful bickering with her friend Asa, and her prayers for a successful harvest come autumn.

However, when Rhea’s childhood friend, Luca, returns home from the war, Rhea is suddenly faced with a problem. Why is Luca suddenly so cold, so distant? What did he see out on the battlefield, and how did it change him?

At the same time, new worries plague Rhea, as one of the patients at the hospital is suffering from a rather perplexing illness – and a failure to cure him could have some unpleasant outcomes…

• 300k+ words
• Around 10-15 hours of reading
• Branching storyline with 4 different routes/love interests
• Large cast of characters (about 25 characters with sprites)
• Fantasy otome game with lots of plot twists, some world building, and piles of fluffy romance
• Diverse cast featuring cat boys, succubi, slime girls, cute witches, and homicidal dryads~
• 50 CGs

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