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The defining moment of your career awaits. . .

The Lion’s Song draws the player into the life of a talented young composer, Wilma, preparing for her breakthrough concert, the defining moment of her career. Searching for inspiration she escapes from the pressure for success to the solitude of the Austrian Alps.

This season pass includes:

The Lion’s Song: Episode 1 – Silence

Silence tells the story of Wilma, a talented young musician student. Wilma’s talent was discovered by Arthur Caban, a wealthy university professor, who invited her to Vienna. Arthur is profoundly convinced Wilma is going to play a major part in the future of modern music. Since Wilma is fighting writer’s block trying to finish her career defining composition, Arthur sends her to a solitary alpine cabin to recover her inspiration and muse.

The Lion’s Song: Episode 2 – Anthology

Anthology advances into the depths of the human psyche, uncovered by visual artist Franz Markert. Franz is an aspiring painter at the turn of the 20th century, trying to immortalize his name within Vienna’s high society. His unique ability to perceive the flaws, fears and emotions in so-called “layers” allows him to bring them – layer by layer – onto the canvas.

The Lion’s Song: Episode 3 – Derivation

Derivation dives into the scientific world at the beginning of the 20th century – an era of great achievements, but also dark downfalls. On the eve of World War I mathematician Emma Recniczek enters the academic stage to solve a problem revolving around “change”. In order to discuss her theory with like-minded people Emma tries to gain access to a gentlemen’s club of famous mathematicians. As her request is denied because of her being a woman, she decides to disguise as a man.

The Lion’s Song: Episode 4 – Closure

Closure ties the entire season together. A mysterious train ride revisits all introduced characters – Wilma, Franz & Emma – and their emotional storylines. It will take you back into their past and tell you their future destiny.

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