The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Blue Blood DLC


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At last! The Blue-blooded Ghostly Companion’s Brand New Accessory for Improved and More Efficient Monster Hunting is finally here!

Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present Mr. Van Helsing’s charming, beautiful and witty aide: Lady Katarina, who doesn’t really require any further introduction. Our dangerous but beloved ghost lady has proven herself plenty of times. But did you think that that was all Borgovia could offer? Well, think twice! By owning the right accessory, you can turn Lady Katarina into an even more worthy companion to the legendary monster-hunter. Expand her range of skills and allow her to learn a few new tricks – a blue-blooded ghost never rests.

Key Features

8 brand new Skills for Lady Katarina (on a new, separate skill tree):

  • Power of Vengeance – Increases Katarina’s damage.
  • Wraith Frenzy – Boosts Katarina’s attack rate.
  • Wail of Vengeance – If Katarina is taken down, she will cause damage to everyone around her.
  • Ethereal Evasion – Improves Katarina’s dodge ability.
  • Armor of Defiance – Enhances Katarina’s Resistances.
  • Spectral Resilience – Increases Katarina’s HP.
  • Chillwave – Katarina has a chance to create an aura on the exact spot where her attack has previously landed: this effect decreases the movement, attack and casting speed of all enemies.
  • Curse Blast – Katarina has chance to create an aura on the spot where her attack has previously landed: this effect gives vulnerability to all enemies in the aura.

New Trick and Aura For Van Helsing

  • Aura of Counterbalance – Each Rage point spent grants Lady Katarina some HP.
  • Ghostly Mirage – Summons two extra Katarinas who fight exactly like Lady Katarina.

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