Talisman – Character Pack #1 – Exorcist


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First character pack release for Talisman: Digital Edition – The Exorcist.

Rid the land of evil Spirits with the Exorcist character!
Purchase this character pack to add the Exorcist to your character collection. He is then available to choose in all game modes.

Exorcist Stats –

Strength – 2

Craft – 4
Fate – 4
Lives – 4
Alignment – Good

Special Abilities (from the character card) –

You begin the game with one Spell.

When you attack another character, you may choose to make the attack psychic combat. You may not do this when you are attacked by another character.

Whenever you defeat a Spirit, you may gain one Spell, if your Craft allows.

You may choose to automatically destroy any Spirits without resorting to psychic combat. When you destroy a Spirit in this manner, you may not keep the Enemy as a trophy or gain a Spell.

You may take Objects that cannot be used by good characters, but they must be immediately destroyed (discard). You may then gain one Spell, if your Craft allows.

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