Showdown Adventure


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Showdown Adventure is a cute 2D action adventure game, with colourful characters and funny fantasy world. You just won lottery ticker for a cruise, your ship sinks, and you wake up alone on a beach. Showdown Adventure is a game containing everything you love about 2D adventures with elements of hack’n’slash: 3 character classes, tons of monsters, over 120 items, and great engaging story! Big, open world awaits! You will travel through, deserts, wastelands, swamps and other unexplored lands!

Key Features:

  • Engaging gameplay for fans of hack’n’slash – enemies are brutal, using different techniques to beat you – can you outstamrt and defeat them?
  • Various enemies – slash, punch, impale and burn hundreds of monsters – from the green forest beasts to hellish spawns of the devil.
  • Upgrade your gear – collect gold to upgrade your gear with help of blacksmiths all over the world. Use potions to improve those effects even further.
  • Simple, enjoyable story – exciting twitst that will question if it’s worth to save a life.
  • Three playable character classes – be who you want to be, wizard, archer, or warrior. Prove yourself to be agile, strong, and though.

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