Selfie : Sisters of the Amniotic Lens


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The endless, halcyon days of “Nauseous pines” summer of love are over, the travellers and minstrels, dreamers and drug dealers have gone.

It is now 198X, you wake up in a very bad situation. You were the “Sisters of the amniotic lens” and now it’s time to face what you did to the minds of the naive all those years ago.

Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream, it IS dying.

Key Features:

  • Story driven non-game with space exploration elements dealing with the dangers of the radicalization of the vulnerable . 
  • Engage with other peoples deepest and darkest pleas in deep and meaningful retro-future play-by-mail mmo/social network. 
  • The most advanced fly A.I. of all time utilizing not only their random state but stable route calculating sense of smell. 
  • “Mix tape” of music by the award winning No-wave/industrial and avant-folk siren Jarboe. 
  • Quantum physics, metaphysics and retro-future tech combine to immerse you in a nightmare world. 
  • Concept and story by the TIGA award nominated Dylan Barry 
  • Full suite of 198X teletext by award winning artist Dan Farrimond (ITAF, British Tate) 
  • Additional art and lucid dream exploration by Eye of sic 
  • Guest starring psychonaught sirens Neurosoup (Krystle Cole) Christina Martine and introducing Christine Brookes 
  • Special guest appearances by members of the Rail slave games community and Jarboe herself. 
  • Paid air drops!!!, with a twist, we will find your bottles randomly and #bless you with real world money.

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