Rage Runner


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In Rage Runner, you pilot a spaceship down a trench, dodging and weaving obstacles as you fly. In a race against the clock, you cautiously feather your afterburners to squeeze in as much speed as possible. As you fly over a power module, the ship surges with energy, the energy can be converted into a weapon, a shield or a utility – you choose your play-style!

In Rage Runner, the combination of speed, music and level design combine into a fast-paced 3D adrenaline rush. A perfect performance plays out like a ballet of dubstep synchronized with the movements of your space ship. All levels in Rage Runner are hand-crafted to fit a unique soundtrack, theme and mood.

Rage Runner also includes the Hyper Arcade Bundle. In this bundle you’ll find Arc. Arc is a 1-4 player cooperative game that combines run and jump platformer action with reticle controlled shooting. Blast the bad guys, take down bosses and try not to shoot your friends! If you want to survive, you’ll have to balance controlling your vulnerable marine who can restock ammo supplies and your heavy weapon which can blast falling asteroids.

Key Features

  • Fun speed mechanics 
  • 9 handcrafted levels + 4 Official Steam Workshop levels provide over 10 hours of Rage! 
  • Includes bonus Arcade Game Arc! 
  • Freestyle powerup system that allows developing your own play style 
  • Rocking dubstep soundtrack 
  • 46 Steam Achievements 
  • 11 Steam Leaderboards 
  • Level Editor with Steam Workshop integration

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