Point Perfect


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The planet is being attacked and it will take a bodaciously bad-ass cursor pilot to blast the scum to whence it came! Dodge, dip, duck, click and point your way to glory in the most gnarly retro-arcade death trap that you are likely to ever play! Point Perfect will put that “I’m a real PC gamer” attitude to the ultimate test and might make you cry a little in the process. But fear not young pilot, because with great challenge comes even greater glory and nerdy bragging rights! For a select few it will even mean graduating from the prestigious Point Perfect University of Aeronautics. Which of course includes a printable diploma that you can hang on your wall to make Mom proud!

Key Features

  • Procedurally generated levels means no game is quite the same! 
  • Over 20 bosses that can evolve new attacks and patterns for you to adapt. 
  • 24 trophies to unlock as well as a secret game mode. 
  • Get trolled! Point Perfect will test you to the limit and make fun of you if you fail! 
  • Steam achievements 

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