Jet Racing Extreme


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Inertial Controller

Inertial Controller. The thing that lets you to control the vehicle from your smartphone. You dont need joystick anymore!

Compliance with your expectations (the test)

These questions will help you to decide are you want this game or it will waste your money and time.

  • What is the speed of sound?
  • What is an air brake?
  • At what speed air brake is more effective than a wheel brake?
  • What units are used for jet engine power measurement?
  • What is a contrail?
  • What is the name of the effect on this picture?
  • What is a jet engine surging?
  • What is an arcade game?
  • What is a simulator game?
  • What is an eXtreme simulator game?

If you know 80% of the answers you are welcome! All the effects above are implemented in this game and much more! If you are an arcade lover we highly recommend you to try another great games.

About the Game

Get behind the wheel of a very powerful jet-powered vehicle and blast off!

Try yourself in an incredibly difficult, realistic and extremal racing.

Only the aces will be able to reach the finish line, the others will be disintegrated!

We challenge you!

WARNING! You must pass the test above – "Compliance with your expectations".

This is neither arcade game nor simulator, this is eXtreme simulator!


  • advanced physics;
  • realistic destruction model;
  • fast and dynamic gameplay;
  • worldwide multiplayer mode;
  • vehicle upgrades;
  • vehicle fine-tuning;
  • quality sound, visual effects.

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