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Hands on Deck is here!

Inspired by Overboard!/Shipwrecked.


You play as a pirate-ship, your goal is to get through the maps by solving puzzles and sinking enemy ships. Through the game you will be able to unlock new weapons and if you are lucky enough, find all the treasures that lies hidden within the maps. If you manage to collect all of the items in one area you will unlock new gamemodes and other stuff!

Fight bosses, be a pirate, sink the ship!

As of right now, there are a couple of multiplayer maps where you can play with your friends on the same computer.

In the future however, you will be able to play campaign with your friends – and to go even further, you will be able to solve puzzles and mazes with them as well.

For almost 6 months this game has been in development – We have finalized the first part of the game and therefore we have decided to release it. But there is a lot we want to add to this game, so as of right now. The game is finished based on how we wanted it to be from the beginning. But we have promised a lot more functionalities and we are going to update the game as much as we can – as fast as we can.

4 different worlds, More than 16+ levels, 8 different game modes – and of course, pirates! (There are also some eastereggs!)

Some of the original developers from Overboard!/Shipwrecked has been helping us creating this new inspired game. Stuart Duffield is one of them, he has created the music for the Caribbean world and the main menu.

We have a very high expectation on this game – And what it can become – We expect to release new game modes and a lot of other mechanics into the game in a short matter of time. In the end our goal is to create a highly unique game with high quality game play.

This is just the beginning of the beginning.

We wish we would be able to give this out to you guys for free, but since our company is a very small start-up and we are working with loads of different projects – All the money that goes into this will be used in future projects.

You are buying a product that we have worked really hard on – It’s our first official game that has more than 500 mb of content – This game will also be released on all available platforms – with support for multiplayer on all devices, there will also be Bluetooth functionalities added on the mobile devices – and of course a lot of other things!

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