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Guns of Icarus Alliance is the ultimate cooperative gaming experience, uniting teams of players as the crews of gigantic steam-powered airships.

  • A vivid steampunk world

    Lumbering, heavily-armored airships bristling with guns patrol the skies above a land ravaged beyond repair by an out-of-control industrial revolution.

  • Build your own airship

    Starting from a selection of basic hulls, players can mix and match hundreds of custom parts to create their own unique airship, then assemble a crew to fly it.

  • The ultimate co-op experience

    Players can take on the roles of pilots, gunners and engineers, working together as a single unit to maximize their airship’s effectiveness and own the skies.

  • Your crew versus the world

    Take your airship and crew and pit them against a huge variety of AI-controlled challenges, including escort missions, convoy raids, base assaults and more.

  • AI that learns

    The AI won’t take defeat lying down. Dynamic learning systems mean that every battle will teach the AI what tactics you use, increasing the challenge with every fight.

  • Pit crew against crew

    In addition to AI-controlled missions, airship crews can also battle one-on-one against other human-crewed opponents.

  • Every battle matters

    Rival factions are in a constant battle of wills to take and retain territory and control vital resources. Every victory and defeat will sway the tides of the larger war.

  • Become a legend

    The story of Guns of Icarus Alliance is constantly being written based on the results of online gameplay. Achieve a key victory and your name may become part of the lore!

Guns of Icarus Alliance is the expanded and definitive edition of Guns of Icarus Online, the original player-vs-player airship combat game. This new edition includes all of the content from the original game, so new players need only buy Guns of Icarus Alliance to enjoy everything the game has to offer. Owners of the original Guns of Icarus Online can upgrade to this new version with a 25% discount until May 30th.

A Land Ravaged By Industry, Ready To Be Reborn

The Industrial Revolution never ended. Raging out of control, the new machines consumed the world, staining the sky, scouring the land and poisoning the water. Humanity came the brink of extinction, all but destroyed by their own unrestrained ingenuity. A few pockets of civilization survived, sheltering in the crevices of the world, and it is time for a comeback.
Divided by wide expanses of toxic wasteland, a handful of these remnants have developed airship technology. Cruising through the sky, safely away from the poisoned earth, trade and industry could finally begin anew. However, with resources so desperately limited, war was inevitable.

A Four-Way Struggle For Control

Fjord Baronies

The Fjord Baronies believe that faith is the answer, and advocate sharply-defined social strata and humble obedience. With authority granted to them through a divine contract known as The Creed, the Baronites are overcoming their reluctance to make war in the knowledge that the realms they conquer are theirs by divine right.

Order of Chaladon

The Order of Chaladon have appointed themselves healers of a mortally wounded world. The artefacts of the Old World are to be rejected, as it was the blind ambition and hubris of the Ancients that caused the world such grievous harm. Humanity must forge a new path, living in harmony with the earth so that it may heal, and the other factions must either accept this wisdom or perish.

Mercantile Guild

The Mercantile Guild has no time for philosophy or religion when there is money to be made. These wealthy traders value nothing but wealth and demand the freedom to pursue it, unrestrained by petty concerns like morality. Of course, not every acquisition can be achieved through negotiation alone, and a well-armed airship is a powerful bargaining tool.

Anglean Republic

The Anglean Republic from the frozen north know that the future for humanity lies in its past. Entombed beneath the ice there are powerful relics of The Ancients, the people of the Old World who lived in the Golden Age before the earth died. What better way to honor this vanished civilization than to remake the new world in its image?
These are the four great powers that are currently known, but rumors abound of other nations secreted in remote strongholds, biding their time and gathering their strength. Who knows what the future may hold?

An Ever Changing World Shaped By Players

Select your faction, build a custom airship, assemble a trusty crew and get ready to change the world!

Every mission you undertake, whether it results in victory or defeat, will have an effect on the factional struggle for dominance. Play the way you want to: become a berserker who lusts only for battle and conquest, protect your domain from aggressive invaders, or take on one of your faction’s constantly changing list of objectives.

Missions take a wide variety of forms, including straight-up airship battles, tense infiltrations, convoy raids, assaults on heavily-fortified bases and much more. Impress your faction and you will enjoy great rewards, from unique character costumes to powerful experimental weapons.

The story of Guns of Icarus Alliance is constantly being written, and in-game events determine the course of the story. This means that a player who achieves a key victory, oversees a notorious massacre or repulses an overwhelming invasion may find that their name becomes part of the official lore.

About The Team

We are Muse Games, an independent studio based in New York City. We’re a small team that has survived three elemental attacks: a fire, a hurricane, and an electrical outage. While not under siege by the forces of nature, we make original, innovative titles that challenge conventions in gameplay, artistry, and cultural tropes. We also strive to be available to you as much as we possibly can. Our first game, Flight of the Icarus, was released in 2010, and today it has evolved into Guns of Icarus Alliance.

If you want to know more, please come and visit us at

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