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Just Updated

New Activity: Base Defence added!

  • Build and defend your base from waves of enemies and bosses!
  • Play it singleplayer or help out friends in online/local co-op (bases and their waves cleared are tied to the host)
  • Spend coins at the workbench to unlock the ability to place and upgrade things such as: Walls, AI Survivors, TNT Crates, Mud Floors, Dummies and more
  • First 100 Waves are pre-set, afterwards waves are randomly generated with bosses reappearing periodically
  • Every boss drops a Treasure chest that contains large amounts of coins, materials and a random hat or weapon you don’t currently have unlocked
  • New special primary weapon and hat to unlock!
  • 10 new Achievements and 2 new Leaderboards to compete in!
  • …and more! (check patch notes for more info)


About the Game

Shoot, slice and surf on zombies by yourself or with friends. Fight overwhelming amounts of zombies and other monsters summoned by an evil wizard (ooOooOOOo spooky) in an early 1900s London.


  • Gibs Everywhere!
  • Co-op with up to 4 players (online or local)
  • Overworld Map: Wander around the overworld map and get into random encounters
    (just want to get somewhere? buy Zombie Repellent!)
  • Mini-games: Mini-games appear on the overworld map. Try Zombie Surfing, Gatling Gun Defence, Treasure Digging or Mayhem!
  • Bosses: Fight multiple monstrous zombie bosses
  • Perks: Pick up coins and spend them on perks to increase weapon effectiveness, movement speed and the like
  • Supa Weapons: Find strong power-up weapons in crates or earn them with killstreaks (if you have the killstreak perk)
  • Character Customisation: Multiple heads and hair colours to choose from as well as tintable shirts
  • Hats!: Find hats and face wear (that give you slight buffs) on the heads of zombies or in random encounters (complete challenges to unlock special hats)

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