Dead In Vinland -Endless Mode: Battle Of The Heodenings


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Named after the tale of an endless battle from Norse mythology, this second DLC for Dead In Vinland unlocks a new Endless, sandboxy, survival mode!

This mode focuses on the survival aspects of the game, letting you customize your startingparty and even their skills and Traits. And no pesky story! You’ll just have to survive for as long as humanly possible. Some of the new features in this mode:

• Endless tribute system: increasingly difficult tributes procedurally generated, and new tributes types, which makes every new game a new challenge.

• Endless map: tiles are fully randomized and regenerated after some time has passed.

• Freely choose your four starting characters and recruit new ones at any time (if you have a free slot in your camp).

• Character customization: spend resources to fully customize your characters’ starting skills and Traits before recruiting them! Make the perfect badass team!

• 3 new “merchants”: trade precious resources for special items or bonuses.

• New encounters table: the enemies get stronger as time passes, and you get the chance to fight the 5 bosses of the game during random encounters (yes, even Björn!).

• New starting skills and Traits generation options: play with fully randomized characters or play with the same rules as Story mode.

• No more storyline, no more dialogs: you won’t have to bother skipping through them, you only need to focus on the management aspects of the game.

Along with the free 1.3 patch which adds a handful of new options to customize the difficulty of your playthroughs, this new game mode will add hours and hours of replayability to the base game!


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